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2017-09-05If flowers could talkIMG_2465

If I could talk then I would say I am enjoying being on the Thompson’s kitchen counter top . These flowers are making us very happy.


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Threshing boardIMG_2336

This is a Threshing Board and it is used for harvesting wheat in the country of Turkey. This board is owned by my friend Mustafa and his wife Cathy. The board has been in Mustafa’s family for many generations. It is used by having  an animal such as an ox to pull it while a human sits on the board to help keep it right side up. The board has very  sharp stones that cuts the wheat. The satchel that is hanging on the front of the board is for them to carry food or other small items.  Mustafa remembers his father and grandfather using this board. His father would go to the market and use the satchel to hold the food that he brought back to the family as  he rode on his donkey.






I was at the Famers Market in Sarasota , Florida on a Saturday morning. These two young ladies were trying to show a gentlemen how to take their photo with their camera. They saw me taking pictures and grabbed the camera from him ran over and ask if I would take their photo. Of course I said yes and then Iasked if I could take their photo with my camera.

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WEEK#4 “Aged/Aging”

cauldron MustafaIMG_2342

This Turkish cauldron has a long history. I only  know part of the story. My friend Mustafa is from Turkey and this has been in his family for a long time. It belonged to his Grandfather and Grandmother. Mustafa inherited it from them. The last time it was used was at the time of his Grandfather’s death, forty two years ago. There is a tradition in Turkey that when the body is being prepared for burial it is wrapped in white cloth that has been boiled. This cauldron was used for that preparation. The legs that support this cauldron  were added by Mustafa, himself.

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While on a Safari in South Africa I took this picture of a lion as it walked behind our Jeep. I was sitting on the top rear seat when I took the photo through  the bars of the Jeep. It heard my camera click and looked up at me so I thought but the guide said that the lion does not see well during the day and what it  saw was a blab of an image. what it saw was the large Jeep.  The animals are use to seeing the Jeeps.  Thank goodness for me. This was too close for comfort.

Lion watermarkIMG_9337